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Specialists in Document and Data Management

Are you prepared for a disaster?

617d759e099ec2e169f905ce4abf86bfWhat if you were hit by another Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Sandy or any other type of a catastrophist event? Would you be able to pick up the pieces and rebuild your business operations within a reasonable time? Having a Document Imaging Management solution in place will allow you to confidently answer "YES" to those questions.

Both empirical and anecdotal evidence suggests that it is not the physical displacement that a disaster causes which stalls a business's ability to recover and function seamlessly, but rather the "displacement" and loss of information and records that stymies a quick recovery.  But for companies that have good Document Imaging Management practices in place, recovering their lost documents and paper-based information and records is not a huge challenge.

The digital scanning and imaging of key documents is a process that leads to the conversion of paper-based forms, records and documents into humanly-legible, editable digitized information. But the management of document images is more than simply taking a paper record and re-producing it into an image. Image management enables a company to do more with that image than they could if that information was still in paper format.

Firstly, as part of the imaging process, a professional document management service provider will help you index and catalogue your documents in a way that facilitates quick and easy retrieval. So, unlike a filing cabinet in an earthquake-hit building, your documents will never scatter in the wind and become out of sequenced. Using Titles, Subject and Keyword searches, you can locate and retrieve the desired image in seconds!

Then again, with today's Document Imaging Management technology, imaged documents are extremely easy to make available across the entire company. Unlike paper versions, where multiple copies have to be sent out to multiple locations, and each copy needs to be filed and managed independently, your electronically imaged documents can be managed and maintained through a single central repository, knowing that in case of a disaster full recovery is as simple as restoring the last authentic backup.

Also, using editable electronically imaged documents has huge advantages for information managers too. The ability to ensure that only the authentic master copy can be edited by authorized individuals means that the integrity of your electronic document is always protected. 

And finally, for those businesses that deal with extremely sensitive paper work, managing electronic document images provides multiple layers of security and protection. With imaging software comes the opportunity to bury your confidential information behind multiple levels of user-id and passwords, encryption and obfuscation. So, unlike a file cabinet whose locks bust open or that goes missing in a disaster, an imaged document is harder to access, even if the servers housing them are physically compromised in a disaster.      

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