Specialists in Document and Data Management


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Specialists in Document and Data Management

imageedit 11 9048150751Insurance providers must manage various paper-based procedures and sometimes handle thousands of claims in a single day. They leverage Paperless Solutions’ technology to create direct links to information databases for instant access to policies and improved customer service.

Enhance Efficiency, Gain Control and Save Money with Paperless Solutions!

As an insurance provider, your top priority is to serve your clients, but manual processes restrict your capabilities. Paperless Solutions enables you to accelerate your client services. The ability to enhance efficiency, improve control, and save money will take your company to the next level. Paperless Solutions! converts burdening paper processes into effective electronic documents so you can:

  • Improve customer service by enhancing efficiency through a centralized information system.
  • Secure information for increased control and reliability.
  • Automate claims and approvals to decrease costs and save money.

Centralize Your Information to Enhance Efficiency

Handling thousands of claims and managing various procedures are daily challenges for your industry. Procedures can be slowed due to multiple information sources. ImageSilo® and PaperVision® Enterprise can help you manage and accelerate processes electronically for enhanced efficiency and improved customer service.

  • Quickly and easily turn paper documents into electronic files for an immediate increase in productivity.
  • Instantly retrieve all documents related to a policy or claim, allowing you to rapidly serve customers.
  • Automatically route claims through customized procedural steps, streamlining processing.

Control and Secure Information

Information security is a top concern in the insurance industry. Federal laws and regulations require customer information to be secure, but also remain accessible. Paperless Solutionsallows you to control information by safeguarding records and safely disclosing documents.

  • Control document access and restrict agents’ abilities to view, change and share information.
  • Conceal sensitive information within a policy or claim to maintain customer confidentiality while retaining document availability.
  • Track policy history, system activity and information disclosures through extensive audit trails.

Save Money with an Automated System

Paper-based systems are unproductive and are costly to manage and store. By creating an electronic information system, you can standardize practices and reduce costs associated with business procedures. Paperless Solutions! helps you automate practices for consistent document management, ultimately saving you money.

  • Streamline processes to save valuable time and money.
  • Convert paper records to electronic files, reducing paper and storage expenses.
  • Implement a comprehensive cloud Paperless Solutions system without costly capital investments.