Specialists in Document and Data Management


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Specialists in Document and Data Management
Services - Document Indexing/ Data Entry 

Document Indexing

An imaging solution cannot function successfully without accurate indexes applied to each image document. To ensure that accuracy, Paperless Solutions employs both manual and automated quality control and validation procedures. These procedures allow us to perform high-volume, quality checks on the document indexing process. Operators utilize index field verification and validation check routines, and numeric sequence verification rules are applied to validate the accuracy of the index associated to each document. 

Data Entry

Information is power, and every organization’s success relies on their ability to quickly capture and access critical information.A great deal of business information resides within the databases of core business applications, but frequently just as much important information resides outside of applications in the form of documents – paper documents or paper forms. Capturing this important data can be extremely time consuming and labor intensive.  PAPERLESS SOLUTIONS’s data entry team can expertly capture this data for you, via manual data entry, OCR, or ICR, allowing you to keep your knowledgeable, internal resources focused on what they do best – knowledge work!

Once the required data has been captured, PAPERLESS SOLUTIONS will return the data to you on the media of your choice, in the format you require.

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