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Specialists in Document and Data Management
Services - Large Format Scanning

Since 1995, Paperless Solutions has been providing large format scanning services for many clients in a wide array of industries including Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Building Management, Construction, Manufacturing and Government. Color or bi-tonal scans can be captured. 

Easy access and storage of architectural and engineering drawings, large maps, and other large format documents can be challenging. Eliminate the hassle – Paperless Solutions can scan and index your over-sized documents and drawings, making them readily accessible to your desktop.

No longer will you need to search through numerous file cabinets or document storage tubes for the drawings you need – just perform a search of your digital files based on your documents index criteria. 

Paperless Solutions’s large format scanners produce high quality, large format digital images of your important over-sized documents and drawings. Digitizing your over-sized documents means less wear and tear on the originals, and instant access from the convenience of desk should you need to view, print, or fax your documents to other locations. 

Paperless Solutions’s large format scanners can handle documents up to 50” in size, and can produce digital images at resolutions up to 400 dpi. The output file can be printed to a laser printer, plotter, or saved in a variety of digital file formats. 

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