Specialists in Document and Data Management


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Specialists in Document and Data Management

imageedit 15 6023449748The energy and utilities industry delivers public services such as water, electricity and/or gas. Whether they are publicly or privately owned, today’s utilities must establish a document storage and management system for high volume record keeping, compliance and disaster recovery requirements.

Enhance Efficiency, Gain Control and Save Money with ECMNOW!

The energy and utilities industry delivers public services such as water and electricity. Utility companies and providers must establish a document storage system for record keeping, compliance and disaster recovery requirements. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology can help utilities drive productivity and lower document management costs. ECMNOW! enables utility companies to:

  • Manage information electronically to increase operational efficiency.
  • Enhance control and protect the integrity of information.
  • Save money by reducing the cost of managing and archiving documents.

Drive Efficiency with Electronic Documents

While technology has long been used at utility plants to keep operations running smoothly, it can also be equally valuable in reducing paper use and expediting accounting and back-office processes. By managing electronic files in a single, searchable ECM system, you can retrieve information faster, enhance customer service and increase efficiency.

  • Automate systems to capture and index any information, including paper documents, electronic files and email messages to increase productivity.
  • Use powerful search capabilities to efficiently pinpoint customer payments and safety records in seconds.
  • Ensure every department has the most up-to-date operations manuals, maintenance records and other documents for informed decision making.

Control Information and Improve Compliance

Compliance initiatives have always been stringent, and non-compliance can cost you millions per violation. Meanwhile, you still struggle to meet reporting requirements and to prove compliance to oversight agencies. PaperVision® Enterpriseand ImageSilo®can control all business documents, safeguard all stored information and provide documented evidence of compliance.

  • Use multiple security levels to implement information policies and assign access rights for specific users and groups, including the public.
  • Have confidence during audits with system tracking and disclosure reports that serve as evidence of compliance.
  • Enhance accountability with document history and activity reports that detail system use.

Save Money by Reducing Costs

Maintaining operations manuals, safety records, system checks, tracking logs and billing and collection records can be costly for records managers. Utility companies must securely store these documents. ECMNOW! can control the cost of high volume records retention and save you money.

  • Outsource ECM and avoid costly investments in hardware, software or IT personnel.
  • Use records retention to prevent permanent records from being deleted and avoid compliance fines.
  • Automatically index and store electronic files, eliminating the need for costly paper records storage.